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Narcissist Regret
Watching my breath as it clouds up the air
The room gone cold as you keep avoiding my stare
You know you're wrong but there's too much pride
You'd sooner die than admit how much you've lied
You're blind to the light and deaf to my pleas
Still unaware of the end you're racing to seize
The edge is approaching but you never slow
Where the hell else did you think this could go?
Even after all this, I hold you as the last word falls
One last embrace as you're tearing down the walls
You've made up your mind and you've pushed on ahead
You'll never know the words I'll always leave unsaid
This broken home lives on in this broken man
You tore out his heart before you turned and ran
A life worth living and a love worth so much more
A choice you now regret, a memory from before
:iconfoundinthought:foundinthought 2 0
The Line
Where do you draw the line?
How far does it go?
Is it written in the sand?
Or written in stone?
Is it a line of words?
Is is straight and true?
What does it mean?
Does it define you?
Is it drawn in blood?
Is it your solemn vow?
Do you swear by it?
Would you stand by it now?
Is it a wall you built?
Or is it just pride?
How long will it last?
How many times have you lied?
Is it already gone?
Is it still whole?
How fragile is it?
Was it worth your soul?
:iconfoundinthought:foundinthought 2 0
You and Me
It’s been nine months
Almost to the day
I still have no idea
Why you ran so far away
How did it get so bad?
Where did the love go?
What the hell happened?
I really don’t know
Even this dull ache
A scar from the past
I can’t help but question
Why we didn’t last
I thought you were happy
I thought we had a life
I was totally devoted
I wanted to call you my wife
I still feel that hole
I can’t believe it’s true
I guess in reality
True love really takes two
So now I’m alone
Trying to find my place
No will to overcome
No dreams left to chase
I want to break these chains
I wish I could live free
But I wish more you were here
A world with just you and me
:iconfoundinthought:foundinthought 0 0
When The Mood Swings (Bipolar)
Listen to the altering of the tune
The way the bird changes its song
The mood swings and the tone shifts
To something else for you to sing along
Living life day in and day out
Governed by chemical swings in your mind
You wake up in a certain mood
And let that dictate the happiness you find
You don’t really have control
And, truth be told, you want it that way
You cast yourself to the wind
And think that it won’t lead you astray
Sometimes, the mood will swing again
You will look at it and call it progress
You will find a moment of happiness
Thinking it is a sign you shouldn’t regress
Do you ever sit there and think
Look back and wonder at the now
Your life and your choices accounted
I did this to myself, why and how?
You see all the choices made
How they were tainted by lies
Lies that you told yourself
Beliefs that clouded your eyes
Years later, maybe you regret
The sadness that you run to hold
Choices that could have changed
Outcomes and futures less cold
:iconfoundinthought:foundinthought 2 0
Tires screeching, someone screaming
Horns blaring, lights flashing
An explosion of sound
Endless velvet, dreamless depths
Silent suffocation, gasping for breath
Drowning in a nondescript hell
Almost awake, barely alive
Painful ringing, echoing voices
Searching for recollection
Memories gone, mild panic
Bandaged head, blinding pain
Voices outside the door
Relieved doctors, crying woman
Immediate confusion, forgotten names
This brave new world
Encircling arms, tender tears
Questions asked, silence impending
Her eyes wide in shock
:iconfoundinthought:foundinthought 0 0
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If you face the sunrise
Whenever I face the sunset,
Because our bodies are aligned,
Maybe our thoughts will project
Over thousands of miles
And meet somewhere
In the middle.
:iconmemoriter:Memoriter 2 2
I was always chasing constellations
Wishes at night, youth-fueled contemplations
They always escaped me, like I was standing still
I never caught them, and I never will
:iconmemoriter:Memoriter 1 0
The Winter Portal :iconflabnbone:FlabnBone 73 9 Sunset Warp :iconnolahaze:NolaHaze 12 4 Solitude 2 :iconiamthehammer:IamtheHammer 18 4
Living Star
If only, if only, I knew what it took.
I search quite incessantly to find such a nook.
To hide from the world and to hide from my fears,
a cheerful depression is all that I hear,
Like the ending of a movie, it's quite bittersweet.
Where drive and apathy tend to meet.
Such a dull gray area, a graceful numb song.
I've been trying my hardest to play along.
The voices drone on as the days learn to fly,
Not noticing how quickly the time slips by.
It's just the beginning, but the end feels close
Searching the syntax to reveal my true post.
It is what we make of it, this day and this life
so "Fight to the top!", they say. F#*! playing nice.
I fill up the blanks with the ink in my pen.
I might take a break, but there is no true end.
How does one climb up the ladder of purpose?
So hopeful..excited..yet paralyzingly nervous.
This holds me back from all I can achieve.
I slowly slide down the ladder into pure disbelief.
Thinking and thinking as hard as I can,
So much from myself I tend to demand,
:iconnolahaze:NolaHaze 3 16
Thin Air :iconnolahaze:NolaHaze 9 10
The ride
About last night,
I know I'm not right,
I know you care.
I keep losing sight,
Out of my mind,
To where I am.
You bring me back,
You make it clear,
Open my eyes and hear,
TONIGHT, it's alright,
You're there by my side,
TONIGHT, we leave the past behind.
A rollercoaster ride,
Love hid inside,
I know you care.
I'm feeling lost,
See others move on,
But I'm going nowhere.
You bring me back,
You make it clear,
Open my eyes and hear,
TONIGHT, it's alright,
You're there by my side,
TONIGHT, we leave the past behind.
We're 2 of kind,
Hearts intertwined,
I'll always be there.
Wherever you are,
Whatever you do,
Know I care.
You bring me back,
You make it clear,
I open my eyes,
And I hear,
Tonight, it's going to be alright.
We leave the past behind.
:icononeuniquegirl:oneuniquegirl 3 2
Dark fallen Angel :iconguardianwolfspirit:GuardianWolfSpirit 1 0
Corrupted.Yet weightless.
The distance is tearing me apart.
Forbidden and corrupted but never so weightless.
Truth and lies.
Now im confused.
I dont want to be. Make it clearer for me.
My light to my rainy day,
Even if its my lightning, its all the same.
But this is tearing me piece by piece
Not knowing any form of reality
My broken Cheshire perched in a tree
Just please...dont set me free.
No not yet.
I know you said goodbye without a word.
But just say hello. One last time.
This is corrupting, and mind fucking.
I know your past and i know our history.
Dont let those words leave your lips.
Not yet. Not to me.
Put a gun to my head.
A dagger in my heart.
Poision in my viens.
just stop all the pain, take away the confusion and make it sane.
You're more than my rain, without you nothing is the same.
Everything dying, with no life left breathing.
Please dont go. please dont disappear. I truly need you here.
This distance may be tearing me apart, but if you dont stop my heart, ill struggle with every beat.
Just be m
:iconguardianwolfspirit:GuardianWolfSpirit 1 5
Blue Ocean :iconavavii:Avavii 6 22


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United States
Optimistic Realist


Tell me what I'm supposed to do,
With all these left over feelings of you;
'Cause I don't know

And tell me how I'm supposed to feel,
When all these nightmares become real;
'Cause I don't know

And I don't think you see the places inside me that I find you,
And I don't know how we separate the lies here from the truth;
And I don't know how we woke up one day and somehow thought we knew
exactly what we're supposed to do.

-Rise Against
Pitch black, pale blue,
It was a stained glass
Variation of the truth
And I felt empty handed.

You let me set sail
With cheap wood.
So I patched up
Every leak that I could,
'Til the blame grew too heavy.

Stitch by stitch I tear apart.
If brokenness is a form of art,
I must be a poster child prodigy.
Thread by thread I come apart.
If brokenness is a work of art,
Surely this must be my masterpiece.

-Sleeping At Last
Life may or may not be about finding true love, but it is certainly not about begging for it for someone. I’ll keep doing the things that I do, late nights, fat blunts, pizza pies with my crew, driving home from whatever bar is half-off after two while blasting my favorite tunes, and seeing my favorite local bands at whatever venue. While you keep doing the things that you do, like shifting blame, twisting truth, and making absolutely positively certain that everyone in the room knows the victim just had to be you. I’ll keep doing the things that I do, and I’ll find someone who wants me like I wanted you.

-The Cardboard Swords
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute"



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