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Watching my breath as it clouds up the air
The room gone cold as you keep avoiding my stare
You know you're wrong but there's too much pride
You'd sooner die than admit how much you've lied

You're blind to the light and deaf to my pleas
Still unaware of the end you're racing to seize
The edge is approaching but you never slow
Where the hell else did you think this could go?

Even after all this, I hold you as the last word falls
One last embrace as you're tearing down the walls
You've made up your mind and you've pushed on ahead
You'll never know the words I'll always leave unsaid

This broken home lives on in this broken man
You tore out his heart before you turned and ran
A life worth living and a love worth so much more
A choice you now regret, a memory from before
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Submitted on
December 6, 2016


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