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Listen to the altering of the tune
The way the bird changes its song
The mood swings and the tone shifts
To something else for you to sing along

Living life day in and day out
Governed by chemical swings in your mind
You wake up in a certain mood
And let that dictate the happiness you find

You don’t really have control
And, truth be told, you want it that way
You cast yourself to the wind
And think that it won’t lead you astray

Sometimes, the mood will swing again
You will look at it and call it progress
You will find a moment of happiness
Thinking it is a sign you shouldn’t regress

Do you ever sit there and think
Look back and wonder at the now
Your life and your choices accounted
I did this to myself, why and how?

You see all the choices made
How they were tainted by lies
Lies that you told yourself
Beliefs that clouded your eyes

Years later, maybe you regret
The sadness that you run to hold
Choices that could have changed
Outcomes and futures less cold
This is a poem I wrote about bipolar disorder.  It isn't my intent to hurt anyone with this but I've kept it off of dA for the last 5 months since I wrote it and I thought it was time to share it.  I was hurt by someone with this disorder and this poem does reflect that.  Do not mistake this for a negative outlook.  This is a poem written from the outside looking in and is not written with any knowledge of what being bipolar actually feels like.  I hope you all enjoy it and for those of you dealing with bipolar disorder, either yourself or a loved one, please keep your head up.  Life can be terrible but it can be even more beautiful.  To those of you who don't know, people with bipolar disorder are some of the strongest and most creatively talented people in the world.  Please respect them and their lives.  Their life probably isn't easy and it isn't something I think anyone who doesn't have this disorder will ever be able to fully understand.  I know I don't.
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August 28, 2016


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